We know that you value life and want to make a difference.

At Blue Ridge Women’s Center, your donation gives a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy the opportunity to choose life.

Our Mission

Like you, we are troubled with the fact that 1 in 4 women will have an abortion over their lifetime. The women in these situations, especially those in an unplanned pregnancy, often find themselves feeling like they have no other choice. They often feel alone, helpless, and hopeless. Since 1984, the mission of Blue Ridge Women’s Center has been to provide lifesaving and transforming services, all free of charge, to young women facing unplanned pregnancies. By providing a safe environment to be heard and supported, free of judgment and full of the grace of Christ, we help our clients identify the challenges they face and provide practical resources to equip each woman to make an informed decision for her and her family while giving her the opportunity to choose life.

You can change a life for generations to come.

Stephanie was eighteen. She had just graduated from high school with honors and was in her first semester at nursing school ready to start studying for her dream job. Her life plans changed when the pregnancy test was positive. How would she tell her parents? Her boyfriend? How would this affect college? She was scared and needed someone to talk to her about what to do next. A friend told her about the Blue Ridge Women’s Center and Stephanie made an appointment.

Eleven years later, Stephanie wants to volunteer at the Blue Ridge Women’s Center. She wants to tell her story, sharing with others how she was able to process her choices and overcome fear with hope. Her 11-year-old daughter also wants to volunteer. Your donation not only changes lives today, but for generations to come.

"The best decision in my child's life was coming to Blue Ridge Women's Center."

"This is my first pregnancy, I have been terrified. BRWC put me at ease."

"I tear up almost every time I look at my daughter. Thank you BRWC."

of You

"It was an assuring appointment and felt like a safe place to voice my concerns."

"I am very thankful to know, I am not alone in this process."

"I'm not proud of it." A client referring to her original plan to abort, but after hearing about all her choices, she choose to parent.

When you donate, you're supporting life.

Nearly 45% of all pregnancies are unplanned, leaving women feeling alone and uncertain of their future. When you donate to Blue Ridge Women’s Center, you are helping women realize that they are not alone. You are helping women be informed about all their options, not just one. And you are helping provide women an opportunity to choose life.